Cyprus tax regime is very attractive for professionals but of course for enterprises operating all around the world. The advantages and deductions offered place Cyprus’s Tax regime as one of the most attractive and competitive in the world.
A big advantage of Cyprus is the fact that is an EU member, operating under a secure legal framework and protecting entrepreneurship while promoting organic growth.

Personal Tax: 
Cyprus tax residents (individuals) enjoy the benefits of the various levels of tax rating according to their income, with 0% tax on yearly income up to €19,500. In addition, tax deductions and benefits are given to individuals willing to move permanently to Cyprus.

Corporate Tax:
The corporate tax rate of 12.5% is a huge advantage for any international entrepreneur. Enterprises that and use Cyprus as a base for their operations and have a registered office in the country, are considered tax residents of Cyprus. In addition to the corporate tax rate, companies enjoy many other deductions and exemptions.

On the tables below all the exemptions and deductions are presented, as well as tax loses relief for Cyprus companies.

Συχνές Ερωτήσεις για την Κυπριακή Εταιρία.
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