Time and registration procedure

Time and company formation procedure

The registration procedure is completed within 7-8 working days and then, operation starts immediately assuring you will have a fair tax treatment on your profits without any delays or time wasting complications.

Company name

As a start we will have to apply for a company name.
The procedure is easy, fast and the name is approved in 3 working days.
We usually apply couple of name alternatives so we have more chances to be approved from the Company Registrar department.

After the name approval we apply to the Cyprus Registrar department all the relevant documentation and paperwork. 
The examination of the application takes 4-5 working days and will be completed usually in 7 or 8 working days timeframe, with the issuing of all the approved documentation including the Company Memorandum and articles of association.

Documentation needed
Certified copy of passport or ID
Certified copy or Original Utility bill as a proof of address
Reference from a bank institution, lawyer or accountant for the good standing of the ultimate beneficial owners
Our firm’s Questionnaire completed from the client
Day 1
Application to Registrar of Companies for name approval
Day 3
Name approval
Completion of memorandum and hand to Registrar of Companies for approval
Day 7 or 8
Issue of formation documentation:
Certificate of Registration
Certificate of board of directors and secretary
Certificate of shareholders
Certificate of office address
Authentication of company Memorandum and Articles of Association 
Application for Registration:
To tax department for Tax ID
Application for bank account opening
Day 10-12
Bank account opening

Below is an example of timeline in a time frame o two working weeks .

Company registration (only Calendar).jpg

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