Non-Domicile statuts

Non-Dom person is a someone who live in Cyprus where he is not legally domiciled in.
Cyprus in 2015 has introduced laws that provide exemption from taxation for personal investment income of non-domiciled individuals. These tax laws only apply to residents of Cyprus for income arising from rents (3% out of 75% of their income), interest (30%) and dividends (17%).

The mentioned tax exemption provides that any person who chooses Cyprus as a country of residence and has Cyprus Tax Identification Number is exempted from withholding tax on income arising from investment capital. The exemption is valid for income derived from Cyprus or abroad.

This exemption is valid for individuals that in the last 17 out of 20 years were not permanent Cyprus residents and now choose to be Cyprus tax residents. Individuals according to the relevant legislation will be entitled to the above deduction for 17 years after the date on which they have chosen Cyprus as their home country and tax residence.

An individual that chooses to use Cyprus as a place for residence, exempts from personal taxes when receiving dividends, interest and rents in Cyprus.

Our tax advisors are always willing to help you to move your residence to Cyprus arranging all the legal procedures needed that will arise, as well as the preparation of your annual tax return.

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